How to Clean Costume Jewelry

Maintaining the brilliance and shininess of your jewelry is important as it enhances its longevity. How to clean costume jewelry is easy as long as you are willing to spare time for your beloved diamonds, Swarovski crystals and gemstones to consistently glitter. Their delicateness are fragile so you must handle with extreme care as you clean them.

How to clean costume jewelry can be done by using different cleansing products that are primarily intended for fine pieces of luxury. Finding out if the cleaner doesn’t have any vinegar, ammonia, alcohol or acid is necessary. Make sure of your cleansing product’s components for your jewelry’s safety no matter what your jewelry is made of-bronze, silver, gold, copper, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, pearls, marble, gemstones, opals, Swarovski.

It is not advisable to use soap and water with regards to how to clean costume jewelry. Soaps tend to leave a mark on the surfaces of a metal or cause the stones to look boring. While vinegar is lethal to precious gems, Windex is also detrimental to the delicate finishes of jewelries. The types of cleaners you can use are chemical, toothpaste, natural and cloth. Of these, it’s the toothpaste that’s been famed to be low-priced yet effective. It is surely not causing your jewelry any threats at all.

You can just use a very soft cloth as to how to clean your costume jewelry that’s dusty and dirty. Cleaning your necklaces and bracelets can be safely done by just using a jewelry cleaner that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredient. Bracelets have the tendency of losing its color and texture. Sometimes they get scratched or distorted. After immersing your jewelry into a jewelry cleaner, you can dry it up by using a soft jewelry wiping cloth to restore back your jewelry’s shimmering state.

To effectively maintain orderliness of your finest pieces, adopt a good practice of how to clean your costume jewelry. You can segregate the old sets of jewelry you have from the newer ones. Categorize them in compartments in your jewelry boxes so that they don’t get entangled. Usually, one of the frustrations that jewelry wearers encounter is untangling an entwined necklace. It is better that you hang your necklaces so that they are safely placed.

After you have thoroughly do the basics of how to clean your costume jewelry, you are to dry it up before placing back to the jewelry box. Get rid of moisture from dwelling on the surfaces of your bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings and anklets. A damp jewelry can get tarnished and rusty leading to further damages and scratches. If you wear your jewelry on a daily basis, it’s suggested that you groom it weekly. If you just wear it occasionally, clean it right after usage.

Bridal Wholesale Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry enjoys the most important function when it comes to making preparations for the wedding. Its significance becomes many manifold when attached with the wedding occasion because it is not the jewels only rather a lovely association with a whole new set of commitments including love and faithfulness. Brides choose their jewelry as they like to wear it on their dream day. Diamond jewelry is the most obvious choice for this purpose. And what will be better than that if it is available on the wholesale rates.

Diamonds are a symbol of true love and eternity and they become the choice of many brides for this associated symbolism besides their breath taking beauty. There are many jewelers and jewelry stores which specifically work on the bridal diamond jewelry only and offer exquisite range of designs and styles.

There are many such stores operating online and locally that bring diamond jewelry to us at wholesale rates. Many jewelers buy the jewelry from them by paying wholesale rate but they stock it up and display this jewelry in their own stores. Here, they sell it at the retail prices earning a high margin of profit. The weddings are not specified to one season now. They keep on happening whole year so there comes no halt and stop to the business of jewelry, consequently no stop to making profit by buying jewelry at wholesale rates then selling it at retail prices.

The stores which have the suppliers of wholesale diamond jewelry need to be in touch with the latest trends all the time. The jewelry has a very firm footing in the fashion as well. Seasonal jewelry is there to accommodate the changing climates of fashion. Wedding jewelry also goes through different changes and phases of specific styles and designs. Diamonds are usually preferred with the white gold and platinum. But there comes a phase also when it becomes a fashion statement to wear diamonds with gold only. The stores need to be in touch with all these changing fashions.

The jewelry stores selling wholesale diamond jewelry should be able to attract the customers by offering those products that are in sync with the fashion and secondly, are not commonly found. The products should be wisely selected that will catch the attention of the buyers instantly. Shopping from wholesale stores is convenient in the sense that it facilitates you in the best possible manner if you are looking to buy jewelry in comparatively larger amount. This is case when you are looking to buy jewelry for the bride and the bridesmaids as well. It becomes economical to do the shopping from the wholesale store if more jewelry is required.

Jewelry Standing the Test of Time

Jewelry has been an exquisitely cherished fashion accessory for many years. In ancient times, it was believed that jewelry was helpful to ward off evil spirits. It was also a status symbol indicating the position of the persons standing in the community. During the course of time jewelry has become a sought after vogue accessory in each persons wardrobe.

Summer Jewelry Trends: characteristic costume jewelry will usually be the hot fashion for spring and summer. The color that would be in order will be blue. Blue topaz and aquamarine jewelry will be the most sought after ones. Followed by blue, will be the hue of purple lending popularity to amethyst, with green adding more value to period gemstones.
Jewelry items with blue jade, blue opals, moonstones, sapphires, lapis lazuli, and handmade lamp work beads in blue will be the attraction of the season. Counterpoint color for purple will be gemstones like citrine, yellow topaz, amber, and canary diamond jewelry.

Sterling silver with paramount cubic zirconia will be considered as an alluring substitute for diamonds.
Cubic zirconia is the worlds best diamond alternative. United with sterling silver, it has a warm look of white gold or platinum and possesses a precious look of a diamond. Diamonds will always have its importance and order, but the prices are real budget busters, and may not always suit the consumer. The equivalent jewelry, done in cubic zirconia and sterling silver will have an elegant look, and can be purchased at a small part of the price.
Cubic zirconia would be to be expected in every jewelry collection.

Fall trends also consist of Greek and Latin black. Black onyx, simulated black diamonds, and classic black pearls will be the perfect accessories that never go out of style, and the upcoming season will see this traditional color creating ripples in the world of jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings in layers is the in style this season, combined with odd smaller shapes on top of larger pieces of silver, copper, or gold.

Pandora and Chamilia Charm Bracelets are also amid the big sellers this season as their adaptability and individuality is a guaranteed winner as any gift and one that will set the change of time, of not only a personal nature but as a Chameleon these pieces of Jewelry can suit any occasion and meet all budget requirements.

Antique look is always trendy during the fall and winter months. Teardrop stones in all sizes and color will be in craze. Gold and silver earrings with an inlay of turquoise or mother of pearl and silver hoop earrings with cultured freshwater pearls hanging in the center will find its way into the vogue world.

Bridal Jewelry: Tungsten rings and jewelry has become the hottest and fastest growing trend in jewelry segment because of it exclusive and intriguing emergence, durability and cost. Titanium rings and titanium jewelry are also quite durable, yet extremely lightweight and comes in traditional titanium color or the in style black titanium. It is also is hypoallergenic and hence is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Bride Grooms Ornaments: Tungsten Carbide Watches along with tungsten rings, platinum, or titanium rings will create a bold and classy look as carbide works with any fashion of jewelry.

Brides Jewelry: Conventional heart pendant with the new vibe of titanium vogue and diamond heart necklaces will be in vogue. Titanium is creating waves both in quality and price topped with a stunning look. Despite the fact that metal colors are always a popular fashion for brides, cool tones of titanium and tungsten jewelry would also make a charming look.

The global market for gems and jewelry today is US$ 85 billion with key markets having an average compounded annual growth rate of 5-10 per cent in the last decade. Some jewelry trends will move on to become classics, while most others will be passing fads that may be out of fashion a year from now. The trick is to pick characteristic designs that will survive the test of time.

The History of Silver in Fashion Jewelry

Silver was discovered at least 6,000 years ago, and since then, has always been considered to be a valuable metal. It was first discovered in the region of Anatolia, now Turkey. With its location strategically straddling Asia and Europe, the mines in Anatolia were the primary sources of this metal for Eastern civilizations in Asia Minor, as well as the flourishing civilizations of Greece and Crete to the West. The first concerted effort to mine and produce it dates back to about 3500 B.C. The major breakthrough in the production occurred in or around 1500 AD with the discovery of the new world. Large mines were opened and operated in Bolivia and Peru in South American. North American production, largely in the Nevada, Colorado and Utah spiked in the late 1800s with the discovery and exploitation of major lodes in these areas. The largest producers today are in North and South America.

Its white luster of silver has made silver the metal of choice for jewelry. The earliest jewelry was quite crude, generally limited to crude nuggets strung together as a necklace. With the advances in extraction, purification, and craftsmanship, it has become extremely popular as fashion jewelry. The beauty, luster, and the ease with which it can be fashioned into superb jewelry are just some of the reasons for the ever-growing popularity of this precious metal in the world of jewelry design. Today it is used to make a wide range of jewelry, including silver pendants.

Designs today can range from simple and elegant, to striking and bold, customized to fit each owner’s tastes. Silver jewelry is particularly popular with teens and young adults. Although it is considered to be a precious metal, it costs significantly less than gold or platinum. This is one of the major reasons why it has gained prominence in the world of teen and young-adult fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry for this demographic today includes pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and waist bands. The popularity of silver in fashion jewelry has also extended into the world of men’s jewelry. Cuff links, money clips, and belt buckles are quite popular.

Most silver jewelry on the market today is marked “Sterling Silver” or “925 Silver”. What is “sterling silver”? The pure metal is too soft to be used in the manufacture of jewelry. The pure metal is therefore mixed with other metals to form an alloy that has better hardness and strength than the original, untreated metal. According to the Federal Trade Commission in the US, sterling silver must contain at least 92.5% pure silver (hence the term “925 Silver”). Copper is usually added to make up the remaining 7.5%.

This metal today is highly polished so that it reflects light and looks beautiful in fashion jewelry. One drawback of it however, is that even minor impurities cause it to tarnish when exposed to the atmosphere. While this is may be a drawback for certain kinds of fashion jewelry, some artisans use this property to create silver jewelry with an antique finish.

It is important to take good care of silver jewelry in order to maintain its quality and luster. Today, special tarnish prevention cloths or bags are available on the market. Jewelry can be wrapped in these cloths, and then stored in common Ziploc bags. Fashion jewelry can be cleaned using a mild phosphate-free detergent, or a mild, non-abrasive jewelry polish. Although toothpaste is sometimes recommended for cleaning jewelry, some believe that some ingredients in toothpaste can scratch the metal settings, leaving the surface dull. If maintained properly, silver jewelry will essentially last forever.

Photo Jewelry Makes the Best Gift

Many people, especially women love to wear all sorts of accessories to accentuate their clothing and appearance. One of woman’s prized possessions is her jewelries. There are many kinds of jewelry and one of the most popular trends nowadays is photo jewelry. What is it anyway?

Photo jewelry is having your photo or an image inserted in the pendant as part of the design. You can give it to your friends or family to have a customized appeal. Many people have preferred photo jewelry these days because aside from its unique appearance, it also symbolizes love for the person. Like for example, your newborn baby may have the cutest photo and the good thing is, you can try photo jewelry so you can see your little angel’s face in your necklace or bracelet. Isn’t it wonderful?

Moreover, the good thing about photo jewelry is that you may handcraft it for yourself. Photo jewelry comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and you can choose the material you want. Some people prefer silver to gold while some prefer other jewelry materials. In photo jewelry, you can choose from a wide range of designs and you can even have it customized. There are online stores that accept photo jewelry customization and much more. You can even make your own original design and have it done by a jeweler in no time.

Photo jewelry can also become a great gift idea for loved ones. For any occasion, you can have it done professionally so that you can give it to your mom on mother’s day. On the other hand, you can give photo jewelry to your special someone like your boyfriend or girlfriend perhaps. For sure, they will like it. Besides, these jewelries are unique enough to be appreciated. They would not be able to buy it elsewhere because it is original and creative at the same time.

You can also give photo jewelry as souvenirs and giveaways on special occasions. Some couples have already tried to give photo jewelry on their wedding day or on their baby’s christening. You may have the notion that photo jewelry is expensive but the truth is, it is not that costly at all. Of course, the price depends on the company or the jeweler but most of the time the price is definitely worth it. If you want to have those unique wedding rings, you can choose to include your photo embedded on the wedding ring. These jewelry pieces are worth keeping.

Even celebrities have already tried purchasing photo jewelry because it is exquisite and stylish. It has that sentimental touch that ordinary jewelries do not have. In addition, handcrafted photo jewelry can reflect your personality and style. You can choose to give photo jewelry to your sister or baby as a gift for the holiday season. If your mom is a fashion buff then a stunning photo jewelry would definitely fit her. It can be made as necklaces, rings, bracelets and many more. They may come in different styles but the most popular kind is the vintage style.