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Costume Jewelry Fashion Statement

Costume jewelry adds style and beauty to you and your ensemble. Costume jewelry is a wearers delight, as it further highlights your personality with the look it adds to your costume. Costume jewelry is more about defining your fashion statement. So whether it’s classic or stylish it is your choice.

Costume jewelry is made out of a variety of materials, which can be pure silver, glass beads, kundan, semi-precious stones, metal, etc. The value of the metal used in it makes a difference between cheap costume jewelry and fine costume jewelry. So the price mainly depends on the material used. Also, as per the style you want to portray you can choose that kind of jewelry. As per your requirements, there is cheap costume jewelry as well as fine costume jewelry.

Costume jewelry has a wide array of styles and designs. You can have the traditional to the latest designs in costume jewelry. All types of costume jewelry are available in the market these days. Be it bracelets, earrings, bangles, anklets or belly-button rings it is all there.

There is an amount of charisma you can experiences in wearing costume jewelry. Fine costume jewelry adds elegance to your persona. There are a variety of contemporary items to serve your interest. Antique costume jewelry is also available for adding that royal touch. Many a type of earrings, bracelets and necklaces made in the antique style are all available with the jewelers.

In the fat Indian weddings a huge sum of money is spent in purchasing wedding costume jewelry. But you can’t be sure whether this jewelry will be of any use further. In that case, costume jewelry comes as the easy way out. You can go for antique costume jewelry, which comes at an affordable price. Antique costume jewelry is unique in style. It can be hand crafted as per the design. Indian costume jewelry is antique so it adds weight to your dressing. A beautiful range of Indian costume jewelry is available, which has antique as well as modern designs.

Bridal Jewelry to Wear Again and Again

You want your bridal jewelry to make an impression, while not interfering with the “wow factor” of the wedding gown. For some brides, their bridal jewelry exists to be worn at their wedding. Then it goes into the jewelry box or safe to never be worn again.

You took a lot of time choosing the bridal jewelry. It should be a memento that you can wear over and over again. Every time you put it on, you will remember your special day that you became someone’s wife. The cake gets eaten and forgotten. The flowers eventually wilt and die. Your wedding dress gets preserved in the hopes that you can pass it down to your own little girl some day. But your bridal jewelry, that is something you can take out time after time to enjoy. Liken it to the pictures in a photo album. You can relive those moments, then put them away to treasure for another time.

Pearls are often a part of the bridal jewelry. They are classy, elegant and have a timeless quality. No matter what setting it is in – gold, silver or platinum – bridal jewelry pearls can accentuate your features and your wedding dress. Not all pearls are created equal. There are a number of color variations, so you may have to bring your wedding dress with you when selecting your bridal jewelry. A warm, creamy color is one variation of pearls. Another variety has a pinkish hue.

When considering other bridal jewelry options, think about the design of your wedding dress. The neckline is important in your decision of bridal jewelry. If the neckline is high, you can choose a necklace with a special pendant or charm. Perhaps there is no neckline and the wedding gown is strapless. Your choice of bridal jewelry would then be a choker and possibly earrings to match. If the neckline is low or open, you could wear a necklace with complementary earrings. You could forget about the necklace part entirely if the wedding gown is very ornate in the front. If that is the case, then earrings are your best bet in bridal jewelry.

Another thing to think about in selecting bridal jewelry is whether or not the dress is really ornate and elaborate. If it is, perhaps a basic, understated bridal jewelry set is your choice. A simple dress with casual, elegant lines calls for more sophisticated bridal jewelry.

Feeling a bit funky? Punch up your bridal jewelry with a little color. Highlight the wedding colors in your necklace, bracelet and/or earrings. Colorizing your bridal jewelry gives you more options to wear them after the wedding is over too.

Shop around. If you are near a jewelry store while running errands, pop in and browse. Sometimes finding the right bridal jewelry for you will happen when you least expect it. Or, you can sketch out your vision of what you want your bridal jewelry to look like. A business that custom crafts jewelry could probably make what you want. Of course, there is always a higher cost involved for original work.

Just remember, you are the star of the wedding. The bride and wedding dress usually are. Your bridal jewelry reflects the inner you, so wear something that speaks to your heart. Pick something that you can wear again and again. Your memories, thanks to the bridal jewelry, are priceless.

Guidelines to Choosing the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Set

Most brides choose to wear a bridal jewelry set as an accent to their wedding attire. A bridal jewelry set includes a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. Bridal jewelry is a key component to a bride’s wedding attire. Choosing the wrong bridal jewelry can make even the most beautiful wedding gown look less attractive. All brides should be careful when deciding on the perfect wedding jewelry set. A wedding is a memorable occasion, especially for the bride. With this in mind, every detail can affect the outcome of the wedding. When choosing an appropriate bridal jewelry set, the bride should follow three guidelines. These guidelines include Affordability, Quality, and Style.

Affordability is equally as important as Quality and Style. Every bride should set a budget for her wedding attire and remain within that budget. It is best to go shopping at a store or with an online dealer, which sells bridal jewelry within the intended budget. Stay away from stores that will not satisfy the predetermined budget. This will only add more stress to an anxious bride. Keep in mind, that there are affordable stores that specialize in bridal jewelry. It may take several attempts to find the perfect, yet affordable, bridal jewelry set. The key is to find something suitable and affordable.

Quality should never be compromised when it comes to bridal jewelry. The quality of the bridal jewelry should reflect the quality of the bridal gown. However, do not confuse quality with cost. Several bridal jewelry dealers sell low-cost, quality wedding jewelry. When searching for quality bridal jewelry, look for jewelry that is well made, durable, and attractive.

Style is an essential element to include when choosing a bridal jewelry set. Keep in mind that the bridal jewelry should not overpower or understate the wedding gown. It should undoubtedly accentuate the bridal gown. The bridal jewelry set should fall in line with the common theme of the wedding attire. If the bridal gown is adorned with Swarovski crystal beading then the wedding jewelry set should be made of Swarovski crystals. If the wedding gown is garnished with pearls and silver accents then the bridal jewelry should be made of pearls and sterling silver. Most importantly, the bridal jewelry set should reflect the bride’s personal style.

Modern Jewelry Design

Modern Jewelry is all jewelry that has a modern or contemporary look to it. The advent of plastics and Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and the arrival of improved quality artificial gemstones influence this jewelry. Modern jewelry is mainly presented at exhibitions, and one of the best-known events is the Goldsmiths’ Review held for 20 years in Legnica. A growing trend in this jewelry is “theme” bracelets. With the desire to create something new and original, this jewelry is suitable to fulfill these kinds of wishes.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, one of the first important American jewelry designers, introduced the art nouveau style in the United States. This lavish spending attracted both designers and jewelers to Hollywood. Michael Dawkins is one of the hottest luxury jewelry designers on the scene today. Images Jewelers is one of the mid west’s leading jewelry designers and manufacturers. Local designers also display and sell classic and modern jewelry pieces.

There are many different ways to approach contemporary jewelry designing. At Vuja De Designs they blend the age-old craft of metalworking with the art of this design. Chaya Wiesel Art Studio designs original, modern Judaica and exceptional, contemporary jewelry, hand-made with silver and gold. Anna Curran crafts simple, classical gemstone designs. Designer John Kennedy’s Cylettes are an innovation in design.

Art Deco was extremely popular during the Roaring Twenties and continues to influence modern jewelry styles. Marcasite was made popular in Victorian times and remains popular today adding an Old World quality to modern jewelry. Amethysts were popular in the parures (matching sets) of the 1820’s. In the 1890’s charms had evolved into a fashion statement and a popular keepsake. Art Deco was a popular international trend that surfaced between 1910 and 1935. It wasn’t until the 1980 are when Cubic Zirconia became popular with jewelers.

Art Nouveau antique jewelry is very popular with collectors today. Tiffany Jewelry is regarded as one of the most popular styles of contemporary jewelry. Platinum has become a very popular choice for jewelry, displacing significant gold demand. Sea glass is also a popular jewelry component these days. Versatile and colorful, resins are becoming increasingly popular among modern day jewelry artists. Black pearls are quite popular in jewelry making as well. The anklet has become so popular it has become a modern classic.

Keep Your Jewelry Tarnish-Free With a Jewelry Box

Not only does a good jewelry box keep your accessories organized, but it also protects your jewelry from nicks, scratches, tangles, and tarnish. Tarnish, a form of corrosion, is the worst culprit. The cleaning process will wear down the silver if it becomes tarnished too many times.

Prevent Tarnish with a Jewelry Box

Humidity or exposure to air, lotions, or perfumes can tarnish jewelry. The best way to prevent tarnish is to wear the jewelry. Of course, you can’t wear your jewelry all the time, which is why you need a good place to store it between wearings. Even the most basic jewelry case will protect silver jewelry from corrosion. A velvet lining will also help reduce tarnish and cradle your delicate silver pieces.

To further protect your jewelry, you can find anti-tarnish tissue at the hardware store or craft store. Many craft or fabric stores have anti-tarnish cloth or anti-tarnish strips that you can cut up to line your jewelry box or make small pouches out of. Silica gel packets also help reduce the humidity inside the box. You can find these at camera stores, electronics stores, and some craft stores. You’ll probably also find them inside shoe boxes, shipped packages, and many other purchases. Just toss them in the box instead of the trash and replace old packets with new ones as you receive them.

When placing jewelry in the box, be careful that tarnished jewelry doesn’t touch clean jewelry. It’s best to put each piece of silver jewelry in a separate compartment to keep it clean.

Prevent Scratches, Nicks, and Tangles

Placing silver jewelry in separate compartments not only prevents tarnish, it protects the soft metal from nicks and scratches. If possible, put every piece of jewelry into a separate compartment, or at least keep those pieces with sharp edges away from the others. Sharp edges can scratch gemstones and other soft metals.

Necklaces and loose bracelets are notorious for becoming tangled and knotted. To prevent this, make sure each necklace or bracelet is firmly clasped before putting it in the box. Either hang them from hooks inside the box or lay them flat in a single layer inside a drawer. Never stack delicate necklaces on top of each other.